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We are obsessed with colors, and no one is the same, so we love to introduce colors and unique patterns in all our creations.

The pen is the only thing between you and your dreams.

Here at Calendiaries, we create, and select print-on-demand composition books or simply put, tools that can help you remain focused in the present. We strive to find something for everyone and offer a range of unique products. Our hope is to become a single destination for all types of personal writing books and exercise tools that are printed when one wants them.

We want to get everyone writing more. We feel, when your mind is clear, then your life too will have a clearer direction.

Our purpose is to help people become more organized, form a clearer frame of mind, while also allowing time to get off the screen to write or draw something physically, something that we can feel and touch. Being and promoting creativity is our mission in everything we do. So why not add some color, style and character to our lives, by using our carefully selected and recommended products from Amazon.

Some of our books recommended on this site, have been designed and developed by the Calendiaries’ team themselves, and are also available through Amazon.

Calendiaries is a niche marketing website, where we research and recommend print-on-demand books for various purposes though an affiliation with Amazon Direct Publishing.

Most product here, are developed by independent publishers, and we urge users to explore more on Amazon by clicking on the product links.

We are obsessed with colors, and no one is the same, so we love to introduce colors and unique patterns in all our creations.

Calendiaries is only a recommendation / aggregator website for this chosen niche and does not sell anything that is shown, linked to or mentioned here. We however do recommend products we feel may help guide you on your journey.

Have a fantastic journey,

Calendiaries' Team

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Our story begins with you...

We love to hear from our customers, and we try are our best to find was to improve based on your needs. We are always listening for suggestions and always trying to improve. Thank you for your interests.

Please feel free to reach out.

Planner 2023 Black, White, Gray / Grey


NEW: Twenty Twenty Three Calendar Diary 2023

Check out our collection for "Twenty Twenty Three" weekly calendar diaries and planners. Available 9 shades of Gray, Black and White.

Collection of Gray Planners from January 2023 – December 2023, featuring double spread weekly views, includes daily shopping and to do lists, and additional lined pages for your own notes, all in a simple book.


Some feedback from our friends

I have been using the 'Twenty Twenty One' diary for over 8 months now and it's always with me! I’ll be coming back for the Twenty Twenty Two release.

Jona Lyne

Sifting through to find the right ‘gag’ books are time consuming anywhere you look. Calendiaries has made it easy to discover and buy on Amazon.

Mikail Rosen

Just got the Twenty Twenty Two diary for next year. Can’t wait to use it. I saw my friend using last years version, and it’s all that you really need these days.

Sajona May